Jensen Hughes

Provider of Fire Protection Engineering Services

JENSEN HUGHES is a global leader in fire protection engineering consulting, providing a comprehensive suite of services supporting the fire protection needs of its clients including building and fire code consulting, fire protection design services, nuclear and power consulting, and litigation support services. Hughes serves a diverse customer base comprised of government and commercial clients across a wide variety of end-markets including nuclear power, education, healthcare and others.


Baltimore, MD

Peter Mogk

Transaction Type

Investment Date
May 2011

Exit Date
December 2015

Primary SIC
8711, 8712, 9224


  • Edan Engineering Corporation
  • Anoba Consulting Services, LLC
  • Kodiak Fire & Safety
  • The RJA Group
  • RBA Engineering
  • Sereca Fire Consulting
  • ERIN Engineering & Research
  • Nexus Engineering
  • Gage-Babcock & Associates