Our Focus

and Targeted

We know services. Our team is intentionally organized around our services focus with dedicated sector coverage and thought leadership which bring deep industry experience and unique resources to each situation.

We advance companies to the next level of excellence by helping them professionalize operations, improve service offerings, execute an M&A strategy and access new markets. We apply a tailored, yet repeatable approach to value creation informed and refined by our 24-year history of success.

A Focused and Collaborative Approach to Advancing Companies with a Vision for Growth.

Our Sectors

Leveraging years of experience building services businesses, we have developed a keen awareness and understanding of secular trends and challenges in the services industry which help us identify attractive investment themes and niches within each of our sectors. This deep knowledge base allows us to move with speed and conviction when pursuing and diligencing investment opportunities.

Facility &  Infrastructure Services
Facility Services

Critical and technical services requiring skilled labor for the built environment.

Residential Services

Skilled and semi-skilled services for interiors and exteriors of homes and small businesses​.

Environmental Services

Environmentally necessary or beneficial services such as remediation, consulting and engineering, industrial cleaning, field services, diversified waste treatment and disposal, water and wastewater services.

Test, Inspection, Compliance, and Certification

Essential testing, monitoring and verification services related to condition assessment & monitoring, health & safety and efficiency & sustainability.

Infrastructure and Utility Services

Maintenance, inspection, upgrade, installation and professional services for private and publicly owned  infrastructure.

Industrial Technology and Automation Services

Services related to procurement, design, integration, implementation and/or management of automation and software solutions across the supply chain.

Value-Added Distribution

Commercial, industrial or consumer product distributors with a deep value-added service dynamic such as engineering, monitoring, repair, installation, light fabrication, or customization.

Transportation & Logistics

Services that support the management and movement of materials and goods from the manufacturer to the end user.

Professional Services
Financial and Insurance Services

Distribution, sales and other niche services that support the products of insurance carriers and depository institutions.

Tech-Enabled Services

B2B services that support the utilization and monitoring of technology or that offer a technology platform as a core part of its service offering.

Our ExecFactor® Program

Proactive & Thematic

Business Building

ExecFactor is our proprietary, thematic investment strategy where we underwrite an industry and partner with an executive to deploy our build-and-build investment model. This strategy brings together our sector focus, deep industry relationships, committed capital and repeatable buy-and-build approach to create a new platform investment.

Active ExecFactor Initiatives

Enterprise Application Services & Solutions
Digital technology transformation and business workflow design services with a focus on application modernization and process automation.
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Testing, Inspection, and Calibration Services
Testing, validation, calibration, and repair services on critical equipment and infrastructure assets.
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Industrial Automation – Systems Integrators
Consulting, design, process optimization, and ongoing maintenance services for companies seeking to deploy, upgrade, or maintain automation solutions in their warehouse or manufacturing environment.
Re-roofing, maintenance, repair, and inspection services for commercial buildings.
ExecFactor is designed to:

Proactively identify growing and fragmented niches within our sectors of focus

Drive proprietary deal flow across the lifecycle of an ExecFactor platform from the first add-on acquisition

Provide a wealth creation opportunity for entrepreneurial CEOs and management teams who embrace business building from the ground up

Consistently deploy capital through various market conditions and provide an opportunity to increase our equity investment multiple times to support an ongoing M&A program

Attract thematically focused idea generation from our growing executive and advisor network

Employ a repeatable value creation approach rooted in building scalable businesses and executing M&A strategies

Identify key secular trends within our sector focus areas
Narrow focus to attractive, fragmented niches
Develop actionable investment thesis
Validate thesis and identify executive and board candidates
Approve equity capital commitment
Round out the leadership team including strategic board advisor(s)
Launch ExecFactor® - establish platform holding company and initiate buyside pursuit
Close first acquisition, begin business building
Identify key secular trends within our sector focus areas
Narrow focus to attractive, fragmented niches
Develop actionable investment thesis
Validate thesis and identify executive and board candidates
Approve equity capital commitment
Round out the leadership team including strategic board advisor(s)
Launch ExecFactor® - establish platform holding company and initiate buyside pursuit
Close first acquisition, begin business building
Start a company
With us
To learn more about ExecFactor, contact
Michael Zukas
Principal, ExecFactor Lead

Case studies

XLerate Group

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, XLerate is a full-service used-car auto auction that facilitates the wholesale remarketing of used vehicles for B2B customers through in-person and virtual auctions.

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Highstreet Insurance Partners

Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Highstreet Insurance Partners (Highstreet) provides a broad array of business insurance & risk management; employee benefits & human capital management; financial & retirement services; and personal insurance solutions.

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Sciens Building Solutions

Based in San Francisco, Sciens Building Solutions (Sciens) is a leading national provider of fire detection and security services, including the design, installation and provision of maintenance services for fire detection and protection systems to a variety of commercial, institutional and government facilities.

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Pueblo is a provider of HVAC and plumbing installation, maintenance, retrofit and repair services to customers in multiple end markets, including education, municipal, industrial, commercial and healthcare.

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