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Sciens Building Solutions

Provider of fire detection and security services

Sciens Building Solutions (Sciens) is a leading national provider of fire detection and security services including the design, installation, and provision of maintenance services for fire detection and protection systems to a variety of commercial, institutional, and government facilities.

Pleasanton, CA
Investment Date
September 2016
Exit Date
December 2021
Reinvestment Date
December 2021
Investment Team
  • WSA Systems
  • W.W. Gay
  • Sabah International
  • Empire Fire Safety
  • Critical System Solutions
  • SmartWatch Security and Sound
  • Electronic Security Solutions
  • AMSI
  • Time and Alarm Systems
  • Absolute Protective Systems
  • Cen-Cal Fire Systems
  • LV Solutions
  • Fire Alarm Control Systems
  • West Fire Systems