Huron Enters IT Integration Sector with Investment in InterVision Systems

Detroit, MI – May 19, 2016 – Huron Capital Partners LLC (“Huron Capital”) announced today that it has partnered with management to make an investment in the Santa Clara, California firm InterVision Systems, LLC (“InterVision”).  The investment was completed in partnership with RLG Capital, a Utah-based independent sponsor, and other individual investors.

InterVision Systems, LLC is a leading integrator of technology solutions focused on helping clients optimize their IT infrastructure, better manage risk, and gain a competitive advantage. The company provides IT solutions, infrastructure and services for the cloud ecosystem (private, hybrid and public), allowing customers to achieve the full potential of a software defined data center. InterVision’s vendor-certified sales and engineering staff have specialized expertise in all areas critical to IT environments. The company has headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif. and offices in San Francisco, Calif., El Segundo, Calif., and Bellevue, Wash.

“This partnership brings capital resources and expertise that we believe will allow InterVision to sustain our growth, building upon our 23-year legacy of exceptional customer service,” said Whitney Tomlin, CEO of InterVision Systems. “We look forward to working with Huron and RLG to strengthen our infrastructure and grow the business.”

“With our history of investing in business services companies, we think InterVision will be a great fit in the Huron Capital family,” said Matt Hare, Huron Capital Principal. “The IT services market is large and growing, and we believe InterVision is well-positioned to capitalize on that trend.  We will be working closely with Whitney and the team to pursue opportunities for growth, both organically and through acquisition.”

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