Horsepower Automotive Partners with Flatline Van Company

FVCO partnership brings to Horsepower Automotive’s offerings an established leader in adventure van market’s aftermarket products and accessories space

DETROIT, Mich., (June 8, 2023) — Horsepower Automotive (“Horsepower” or “the Company”) announced today the acquisition of Flatline Van Company (“FVCO”), a brand known in the camper van world for their thoughtful designs and unparalleled service. This marks an exciting chapter for both companies as Horsepower Automotive expands into new markets, guided by the expertise of the Flatline founders Kevin Callahan, Silas Thurman, and Jake Ballard, who will remain with the Company post-acquisition.

The Horsepower vision goes beyond product offering expansion and encompasses the creation of a supportive community for those who share a love for the outdoors and exploration. The partnership is further strengthened by the commitment to not only preserve the values on which FVCO was built but to also enhance our collective in the process.

“For five years, our team has worked to develop a brand known as the premier adventure accessories provider, and this is a testament to our vision of the company and to the community we have developed,” said FVCO Executive Kevin Callahan. “Next, to deliver the best experience to our customers and continue to grow, we are confident that the Horsepower Automotive team will be a fantastic partner to follow through with the vision and values that the company was founded on.”

Horsepower is a portfolio company operated by Huron Capital, a middle market private equity investor based in Detroit.

FVCO’s founders will join working advisors Jared Hare (Founder of Addictive Desert Designs), Scott Drake (Founder of Drake Automotive) and Mario Rago (Founder of Rago Fabrication) to assist in strategy formulation across Horsepower’s entire group, ranging from new product development to go to market approaches.

By allowing the original founders to focus on their areas of passion, the Company aims to foster innovation and bring even greater value to our customers. With that ever-expanding team of devoted enthusiasts and a customer-centric approach, Horsepower will continue to exceed expectations and provide industry-leading solutions for all adventure vehicle fanatics. 

About Huron Capital

Huron Capital brings a people-first and thematic approach to private equity investing in secularly relevant and fragmented sectors of the North American services industry. We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to candor, trust, accountability, and transparency in our relationships with management teams, investors, advisors, and employees.

Founded in Detroit in 1999, we partner with entrepreneurs and management teams, empowering their companies to new levels of excellence. We provide resources to help companies grow by professionalizing operations, improving service offerings, executing M&A strategies, and accessing new markets.

Huron Capital has managed over $1.8 billion on behalf of a global institutional investor base. We fulfill our commitment to all stakeholders by employing a repeatable playbook to drive thoughtful value creation, showcased in over 260 acquisitions since the firm’s inception.

About Horsepower Automotive Group

Horsepower Automotive Group operates as a holding company for off-road automotive aftermarket brands Addictive Desert Designs, DV8 Offroad and Rago Fabrication. Addictive Desert Designs, DV8 Offroad and Rago Fabrication collectively offer a range of aftermarket accessories for Jeep, Toyota, Raptor, Bronco and other truck / SUV enthusiasts looking for tough, durable and stylish designs to set them apart on the trails. Addictive Desert Designs was born from an addiction to push the limits of design, a passion for customizing vehicles and a love for the desert. DV8 understands that, along with style, Jeep enthusiasts need functional, reliable equipment that also protects their investment. Rago Fabrication focuses on providing sleek and strong mounting solutions for overlanding gear.

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