Albireo Energy Adds Two More Companies to Platform

Detroit, MI – July 19, 2016 – Huron Capital Partners LLC (“Huron Capital”) announced today that its portfolio company, Albireo Energy (“Albireo”), has added Advance Power Control (“APC”) and Energy Systems Technologies, Inc. (“EST”) to its platform.  This represents the sixth and seventh transactions for Albireo, an ExecFactor® initiative launched by Huron Capital and CEO Phil Bomrad.  The partnership is expected to bolster Albireo Energy’s geographic presence in the Mid-Atlantic region, while enhancing its capabilities in lighting controls, demand response, and building analytics.

Founded in 1980 and based in Newark, Delaware, APC and EST (founded in 2006) provide turnkey building automation systems, lighting controls, metering, fault detection and diagnostics, and energy services to building owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  APC employees have installed and maintained systems in thousands of buildings across diverse markets that include universities, military facilities, healthcare institutions, and commercial buildings.

“The merger with APC/EST is a significant milestone for Albireo Energy as we continue our aggressive growth and expand our geographic footprint”, said Phil Bomrad, CEO of Albireo Energy.  “APC and EST have developed robust solutions in analytics and lighting controls that we believe will provide significant growth opportunities for Albireo, while improving our ability to serve key markets in the region.”

“Albireo is a great example of Huron Capital’s ExecFactor® buy-and-build model,” said Jim Mahoney, Partner at Huron Capital. “We have been working closely with Phil and the Albireo team and have completed seven transactions in just over two years, and we will continue to look for new opportunities to grow Albireo’s customer base and service offerings.”

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