Tectrans Corporation

Provider of Passenger Transportation Services

Tectrans provides passenger ground transportation solutions for governmental agencies, medical and senior care organizations, the private sector and individual consumers. Tectrans’ services include paratransit (including service mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act), fixed route shuttles, taxi, non-emergency medical transit, brokerage/call center management, and other transportation support services. Huron Capital built the company through a series of synergistic acquisitions, strategically adding new product lines, new capabilities, and new locations.

In November 2011, Keolis America, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Keolis, announced the acquisition of Tectrans, Inc.


Los Angeles, CA

James Mahoney

Transaction Type

Investment Date
June 2006

Exit Date
November 2011

Primary SIC
4119, 4121, 5012


  • CDSNet/FMS Infoserv
  • Diversified Transportation
  • LSF Shuttle
  • Mobility Plus Transportation
  • Paul’s Yellow Cab
  • Western Transit Systems
  • Yellow Cab of Greater Orange County