Huron Capital’s Gretchen Perkins Featured on Northstar’s Private Equity Fast Pitch Podcast

Gretchen Perkins, Huron Capital’s Partner of Business Development, recently participated in a discussion about the private equity industry on Northstar’s Private Equity Fast Pitch, hosted by Jeff Henningsen, President of Lockton, Houston.

The podcast, which focuses on leaders in the private equity community, discusses Perkins’ view of the industry, Huron Capital’s services and business model, as well as her career path towards becoming a high-ranking woman in a male-dominated industry. Perkins also talked about the many ways that Huron Capital can help middle market companies looking for a non-control equity partner or to sell their entire company. Perkins said some sellers just need an infusion of capital while others have family members who want to sell their ownership stake while others remain involved and still others are readyto retire.

“Good news — Huron Capital has the opportunity to solve any of those needs, whatever the business owner needs we can deliver it from an equity perspective.”

Listen to the full podcast below.

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