ExecFactor® is our proprietary executive-led market entry program. Our program combines a CEO’s industry expertise with Huron Capital’s extensive investment experience and committed capital. Since inception, we have partnered with over a dozen CEOs and executive teams to pursue and fund buy-and-build strategies in targeted sectors.

What’s in it for the CEO?

  • Exclusive partnership for your target industry sector
  • Pre-funded market diligence and platform acquisition search process
  • Stock option grants for you and your management team
  • Up to $100 million of committed equity capital for acquisitions
  • Three-person Huron Capital team dedicated to your ExecFactor® program
  • Board of Directors comprised of seasoned Huron Capital operating partners

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If you are interested in working with us as an ExecFactor® CEO, please contact Mike Zukas.

Current ExecFactor® Investments

Actively seeking add-on opportunities for the following ExecFactor® platforms:

Former ExecFactor® Investments