Why Huron?

For Business Owners

Selling your business is an important milestone.  And choosing the right equity partner is a critical decision with long term implications.

Our strategy is to work together as partners in growing your business.  We understand the challenges and opportunities impacting entrepreneurial companies; many of us at Huron have direct, on-the-ground experience in operations, sales & marketing, financing, strategic planning and recruiting.  We strive to augment these resources with our dedicated team of Operating Partners who work with our companies.

There are a lot of important things to consider when choosing an investment partner:

  • Do they have the capital and ability to close a deal under the agreed-upon terms?
  • Are they flexible?  Will they work with business owners to design a structure that works for me?
  • What kind of partner have they been to others?  What kind of partner are they going to be for me?  How willing are they to share their references with me, and tell how they did on all of their investments?
  • Are these people I can trust?  Do they share my values?
  • Do they have the resources to enhance my business and create additional value?
  • What if I don’t want to sell a majority share of my equity?  Is a non-change-of-control transaction an option?

There are a lot of good talkers out there in the M&A world.  At Huron, we’d rather be judged by our actions and our results.

We invest in people. We build LEADERS.