Cynthia L. DelaVega

Executive Assistant

Role:  Cynthia is responsible for providing administrative support to Huron’s senior level investment and marketing professionals, often involving direct executive and investor contact.

Experience:  Prior to joining the firm, Cynthia was responsible for Project Management and Media Relations for the Macomb County Chamber, a non–profit organization with over 1,000 members in Macomb County. She has refined experience as an Executive Assistant, and holds a special flair for Public Relations and Event Planning.  Cynthia has provided support to top executives in Metro Detroit including the COO and CFO of ePrize (a promotions and loyalty agency for the world’s top 100 brands) and the CEO of the Farbman Group (one of the largest and most respected full–service real estate organizations in the Midwest).

Education:  Liberal Arts degree in Fine Arts.

Personal / Interests:  Cynthia is a former ballet dancer with over 17 years of training, and she has a passion for theater.  She once sold photos of Corey Feldman to TMZ.