Consumer Goods & Services

Former Portfolio Companies

Delta Educational Systems, Inc.

Operator of Postsecondary Schools

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Northern Cap & Glove Mfg., LLC

Designer & Manufacturer of Headwear & Gloves

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Pristech Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of Hot & Cold Packs

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Riverside Distributors, Inc.

Distributor of Christian Products

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Ross Education LLC

Postsecondary Career School

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Stylecraft Home Collections, Inc.

Manufacturer & Marketer of Home Décor Products

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Tectrans Corporation

Passenger Transportation Services

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Victoria Fine Foods

Manufacturer of Italian Food Products

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NOTE: The information provided regarding current and historical portfolio companies is not intended to recommend any company or investment described herein and is not an offer or sale of any security or investment product or investment advice. Representative investments are not to be considered a complete list of all investments made or currently held by Huron Capital’s funds.