Investment Approach

Corporate Carve-out

Repositioning for Growth

Regardless of the economic environment, corporations regularly designate solid operating divisions as “non-core.”

Often perfectly sound business units are ignored as a corporation changes its strategic direction. These corporate orphans create a unique opportunity for corporate divisional managers to become business owners and share in the value they help create.

Partnership and Patience

We partner with existing management to acquire these orphaned divisions and work with the teams to establish successful stand-alone companies.  We provide the necessary resources to evaluate and close these complex transactions, including bolstering the management team with additional seasoned executives, if needed.  The process requires patience and a unique skill set that our principals have honed over the past two decades.

Once separated from the corporate bureaucracy, these businesses can thrive as independent entities.  It’s amazing what people can do with fresh ideas and the appropriate amount of capital and operational support.

The RME/LeadingResponse case study shows how we execute a corporate carve-out.