Investment Approach

Flex Equity

Sometimes a business owner needs an equity partner to help accomplish growth or liquidity goals. A minority equity investment from us may make sense, allowing an owner to retain a controlling ownership position yet providing capital for a number of situations, such as:

  • Strategic add-on acquisition
  • Capital for organic growth initiatives
  • Buyout of inactive shareholders or family members
  • Partial liquidity for the primary owner
  • Balance sheet enhancement

Huron offers flexible equity solutions for a variety of situations. Since our founding in 1999 we’ve sought to make strategic equity investments in the lower middle market and help business owners build their companies.
Through our Flex Equity program, a business owner can pursue any of the objectives listed above, while continuing to maintain a majority ownership position. At the same time, the owner would have the benefit of working with a strategic investment partner with a long history of making investments in the lower middle market, along with a dedicated Strategy and Operations Group. We think that could be a winning combination.
To learn more about Flex Equity, look here:

You can also reach out directly to Doug Sutton or Charlie Sheridan, who oversee Huron Capital’s Flex Equity program.