Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Buying & Building Leaders

From start to finish, our buy & build approach is driven by our partnership culture and operational focus.  We believe superior returns can best be achieved by making strategic and operational improvements in each of our portfolio companies to the benefit of the employees, customers, suppliers, community and shareholders.  In every case, we strive to partner with strong management teams and work collaboratively to improve performance and build our companies into leaders.


We understand the many challenges and opportunities impacting entrepreneurial companies, as many on the Huron team have direct, on-the-ground experience in operations, sales & marketing, finance, strategic planning and recruiting.  We augment these resources with our dedicated team of Operating Partners who work with each of our companies.  We can make both majority and less-than-majority equity investments.

Where We Can Help

As active partners, we develop a deep understanding of each business  and work closely with management to determine strategic priorities.  We seek to accelerate growth by focusing our collective efforts on:

product development | management recruiting & retention
cost reduction programs | lean manufacturing processes
infrastructure development | market share growth
supply chain efficiency | new customer acquisition
geographic expansion | new product development
strategic acquisitions | financial and administrative tools
strategic planning | improving cash cycle