Ronnoco Coffee LLC

Manufacturer and Distributor of Premium Quality Coffee, Tea, and Related Products

Ronnoco Coffee Company roasts, blends, grinds, packages, and distributes premium quality coffee and teas under four primary brands: Ronnoco, Seattle Roast, Wild Horse Creek, and Camellia. The Company provides a variety of other beverages, such as cappuccino, hot chocolate, smoothies, and water, and coffee-related products, such as flavoring syrups and condiments. Ronnoco supplies its products directly to its convenience store, foodservice, and office customers, as well as through a network of third party distributors throughout the Midwestern United States.


International Blends

Henderson Coffee

Love Bottling

Biff’s Coffee Roasting

Beverage by Quench

U.S. Roasterie

Black Waters Coffee

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St. Louis, MO

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Transaction Type

Management Buyout

Investment Date

July 2012

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John Higgins
Matthew Hare