Albireo Energy, LLC

Energy Efficiency Services Organization

Albireo Energy is a holding company established to provide a holistic approach to energy efficiency services and smart building solutions to commercial and institutional customers throughout the U.S.  Albireo partners with commercial building owners and managers to reduce operational costs and improve building performance with turnkey building automation and monitoring services.  Albireo’s service expansion strategy includes, but is not limited to, lighting automation, energy efficiency commissioning, advanced monitoring and benchmarking, energy procurement services, and demand response solutions.


Energy Options, Inc.

Electronic Controls Systems

Energy Systems Technologies

Green Total Solutions

Sky Technologies

GxP Automation

Advance Power Control


Edison, NJ

Primary Sic

3825, 3822, 8711, 8744, 1711

Transaction Type

Market Entry Strategy

Investment Date

May 2014

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Peter Mogk
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