About Us

The Huron LEADERS Philosophy

We live by a set of core principles that guide all phases of our investment process, from the moment we start to look for opportunities to the time we exit.

Leadership – Display leadership in all situations to drive successful outcomes
Execution – Develop detailed plans and be tenacious and relentless in executing
Accountability – Clearly communicate goals to ensure alignment and accountability
Discipline – Follow rigorous, disciplined processes to produce consistent, replicable results
Empowerment – Take charge and empower your team to make critical decisions
Resources – Utilize Huron’s network of resources to resolve challenges and accelerate growth
Strategic Vision – Ensure that all activities lead toward our common strategic purpose

By remaining true to this core philosophy, we have developed a disciplined investment strategy that we believe produces strong operating results for our companies, even through tough economic conditions.

We invest in people.  We build LEADERS.