About Us

Investment Process


Your time and your business are important to you.  That’s why we manage for certainty.  We prepare diligently and provide candid and timely feedback along the way.   No one likes disappointments.


We are not a “high volume” investment group.  Our goal is to make three to four larger platform investments each year and work closely with our management partners to grow these companies.   Because of our focused strategy,  we can’t afford to chase transactions that are not a fit with our group.


As a result, we do our homework up front, committing our resources to close deals quickly and efficiently.   We pride ourselves on doing what we say we are going to do.


We understand that management has a business to run.  We’re careful to limit disruptions to the business’ day-to-day affairs before, during, and after the transaction.   Closing a transaction is quicker and cleaner with the right team in place.   We work with an experienced group of advisors who understand our deals and are accustomed to time constraints.  Our time to closing can be 8 to 12 weeks from the signing of a letter of intent.